These videos are during my travels and before qualifying as a teacher. Adding a unique richness to my understanding of music & meeting people of all ages from around the The World : New York, Paris, Sweden, Switzerland, London, Thailand, Greece has been incredible.



City Waackers London - A page I created after my numerous New York City trips.  Join the Facebook page HERE and stay up to date with what's happening in WAACKiNG around the world. 

The ES Magazine

The Waacktitioners at Move It 
Snippet of my choreography section thanks to

Funkin Stylez UK - Street Talent: Winner Miss Eleanor.

A video featuring "Waacking" with me as the "Golden girl". 

Raising money for skydive with City Waackers LDN

Judging out of London

NYC with Original HipHop Pioneers Buddah Stretch (Elite Force Crew) and Dallace Ziegler (RIP)