Conducting the Choir during my NQT year (Christmas 2016) at Highbury Grove School (Music Specialist School), London. 

The Regents School Pattaya - Thailand 2014

The Regents School Pattaya - Thailand (January 2014)

Paul Crouch (Assistant Principal , Head of Enrichment)- 

"It has been a pleasure hosting Miss Eleanor from London in the UK for the last five weeks and having her involved in classes across the whole school especially in the Music and PE departments… By the end of the first session the students were dancing in social groups from the Soul Train era and free styling in a large circle which they would not have believed they would be doing at the start of the lesson.

It has been great to see the impact of an outside expert come in and work with our students on a totally different genre of learning and seeing the personal growth of the Year 7, 8 and 9 students."
This man below is called Kevin Curtin tutor of Canterbury Christ Church Univsersity. He is the one who gave the opportunity to teach, mentored me, believed in me & has probably changed tens of thousands of lives in his years of teaching. He wrote me the most amazing reference: something about - "Eleanor will go above and beyond to help her students!" He has the best rapport and sense of humour you could imagine! Legend right there.

With Kevin Curtin of Canterbury Christ Church uni in my training year (Spring 2016) at St Thomas More School Wood Green.

Judging a competition in Essex, United Kingdom

Judging the house colours "Miss Eleanor" dance award competition in Thailand!

Dance Teacher at Studio 68 London Costas Mel (Thessaloniki) 2015 - "The class was awesome... Thanks a lot Miss Eleanor!!!You are amazing!!! 


"Miss Eleanor is always enthusiastic and challenges our students, the children love her" - Theatre School Woodgreen.
Brighton Workshop at StreetFunk Brighton (Videos on Facebook page).
"Miss Eleanor's Workshops always inspire us and we love having her back" - JP Omari
"Miss Eleanor brought a lively cheer to our party!" - YMCA Lunch - a sing along session.
With my second ever music department at Highbury Grove School Islington. 

UCLA workshop Teaching an amazing girl at the children's ward at UCLH. "It was really fun having Eleanor come in and share her dancing. It entertained a few of us and brought smiles on the floor!" - Nurse

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