Thursday, 12 June 2014


WDSA UK - Wheel Chair Dance Instructor Course

June 2nd-6th I woke up at 5.45AM each morning and travelled 2 hours up to Aylesbury and 2 hours back, getting home and basically going straight to sleep because I was so shattered!
After performing at MOVE IT 2014 at the Kensington Olympia this March (Fresh back from Thailand) I noticed a wheel chair dance stand…. Thinking nothing would come of it, I exchanged emails with a guy named Patrick and that was that….

2 months later, I was given sponsorship to complete the weeks course. Did I realise what I was letting myself in for? 

It was a fantastic challenge. Learning all about disabilities, partner dances, waltz, samba, and getting in wheelchairs. It is HARD dancing and wheeling a chair, it's like learning to ride a bike or drive a car… a new form of transport. Home of the paralympics, the stadium catered to our needs and I want to thank Sue and Ruth for being exceptional - encouraging and amazing. I am now a qualified level 2 instructor. Who knows where this will lead but I sure hope I can use the skill to get young people in London in Wheelchairs that want to dance an activity! I will keep you posted!

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  2. Misseleanor I'd love to chat. I would of been there but fell out my chair on 25th May which resulted in AnE..

    1. Email me! I would love to keep you informed, hoping to start classes this Autumn…