Thursday, 12 June 2014

Archie Burnett in London - The Waacktitioners

Archie Burnett in London - The Waacktitioners

After a crazy week, it was time to move into the weekend with workshops with non other then New York's finest "Archie Burnett" (Check Your body at the door) of whom I'd met in New York in 2010, again in 2012 and now in 2014! 

Saturday we had Vogue, Waacking and Hustle. I always love the Vogue workshops because they are just 

amazing! I loved learning that the shapes made in Vogue are shapes, in Waacking, shapes are meaningless without Emotion behind them… bringing the musician out of me, I thrived on these points and am learning to bring my feeling to my toes! 

Sunday at Madame JoJos was "Get Hype" and it was incredible having all of the waackers on the dance floor, my favourite part was dancing with my crew. My trousers even ripped….!

On Monday we had a private with Archie and once again, we were all left completely inspired. 

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