Saturday, 17 May 2014

Colour Conference @ Wembley 2014 and Updates


Below are some updates for my readers on what I've been up to these last few weeks;

Colour Conference was simply beautiful. Wembley Arena was filled with Thousands of women and it was a joy to witness. Check out the footage below from Colour Sunday! 

Teaching Waacking in Brighton was fabulous, JP Omari, props to you for your school and business, truly making a change down there.

I have been teaching dance a lot, assisting, attending a lot of recall castings and auditions and meeting with a lot of my beautiful friends and family. Shout out to Bgirl Firefly!

Enjoying dancing for Desperados beer. 

I learned from Queen Original Diva Toni Basil (photo below). highlight! Original Locker and lots of information on Waacking!

Breakin' Convention AND the after party were DOPE as always! Props to Chief Rocka and all of the team.

Had a lot of fun at Waack date again.

I'm thrilled to announce that The Waacktitioners (us Ladies) have been sponsored by "Sweaty Betty" clothing "Empowering Women To Make A Difference Through Fitness" WOO! 

Coming Up: New photo shoot and video shoot! A recent one being a waacking video I shot randomly with Japanese Waacker "Haruka" I will keep you posted on the progress! Below are snapshots from Brighton, Waack date with fellow Waacktitioner Kleio, and Toni Basil after her masterclass. 


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