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CHECK OUT SOME of the AMAZING REVIEWS on teaching in Thailand! Thank you to Sarah, Aina and Paul for these amazing articles.

Below is my imput:
As a specialist professional dancer, it's always a pleasure being invited to teach. Often I teach specified workshops at dance events or in schools and I was delighted to have the chance to teach at The Regent’s International School. The challenge for me was to engage with students in Thailand who may have never danced before, and if they had, provide them with some new tools, for the dance floor and for life.

My aim with each year group that I had for the 4-week period (as well as the amazing round square week groups) was to inspire and encourage each student within dance. I did this through my choice of music while focusing on certain dance styles. I wanted the students to be able to learn about themselves and develop skills including freestyle, group participation, musical understanding, physical movement and the ability to follow a teacher and copy movement.

To give a few examples of what the students have covered, the year 9 boys learned all the foot positions in ballet (a technique used by professional athletes); the year 9s who studied breakdance learned to top rock, 6-step, freeze and cypher (a dance term to describe freestyling in a circle at a club, party or battle).

Some year groups learned the basics of popping and waacking and a number of students from different year groups performed a small showcase in assembly. The year 12 girls focused on Waacking and learned some basic dancehall techniques.

Mr Crouch asked me to lead Blue house enrichment on Thursdays and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students as they grew in confidence each week. We learned social and hip hop grooves and how to used them for freestyle and on another occasion each boy paired up with a girl and learned the hustle.

International day and my last day at the school this year was a lot of fun. The dance competition was successful with blue house winning. I really enjoyed each house's performance, yellow house; k pop, Green house; year 7 girls were awesome, the red house; umbrellas and the blue house; winners. This was followed by my judges showcase freestyle.

I want to say a special thanks to Christine Press – whom I met studying ballet at university – and Mr Press for inviting me and looking after me; to Paul Crouch for being an excellent leader; to Paul Madden and all of the PE staff for being encouraging and helpful, Gary, Sarah, Aina, the students and to everyone who was friendly and came to my dance classes.

I hope I have left a positive impression on the students; remember, it doesn't matter your size, experience or gender, dancing is for everyone and creates memories for life.  

Miss Eleanor

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