Tuesday, 24 September 2013


This month I have been busy assisting Musical Theatre and Ballet at a dance school in North London which I truly love, children can be cute. 

A massive thank you to GroundsWell in Swansea Wales for an amazing day of workshops! I truly loved teaching you guys.

I competed at the LoveDough All styles Battle at Proud Galleries and made the Finals you can watch it HERE quick clip with Brooke Milliner who won the £250 cash prize. 

I was in Birmingham last weekend for the Bboy Champs World Finals (last years Fresh Awards was so much more fierce! haha) ;) and competed in Waack Date. My date Gemini (Locking 4 Life) was amazing and we made the finals, you can watch footage here:

Have been to some jams and we did a City Waackers London Waack Date warm up jam which was a huge success! You can view more photos on the facebook page in link above!

Playing a gig THIS Friday at HTB from 7PM. Look out for photos! 

Some gigs:

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