Thursday, 15 August 2013



I travelled with some of my crew The Waacktionettes to the most random - middle of NOWHERE - place in Poland - which by the way is a lovely country and the people are friendly and fun for a DANCE BATTLE/EVENT/JAM. So anyway, after the slowest journey there and speediest scariest cab driver of my life (wait for the story later of a worse one hahaha) I get to the town of JarosÅ‚awiec. FNF Summer dance festival with a lot of choreographers from LA and there was the Waackfest Qualifiers. 

Our hotel looked like the Dirty Dancing apartment huts. We had a good time. Ginger made top 3, Kleio semi finals and Sarah and I made Quarters. We took some great shots and I managed to get some new shots at the beach.

1920/40s beach glamour: Photography Sarah Ling.

View video HERE

As you can see us WAACKERS are always very extravagantly dressed. Colours and Patterns WERK.


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Also that weekend I did the 7 to smoke Waacking battle Waack Date website launch which was fun and said goodbye to my beautiful children at the School (Shout out to the kids) (Photo below with flowers) xxx

Miss Eleanor xxx

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