Saturday, 1 June 2013

MAY the FIERCE be With You! May updates, workshop, jam coming up!

MAY the FIERCE be With You! May updates, workshop, jam, coming up! 

Good morning/evening what ever time it is that you are reading this!

MAY was a great month more dance than music this month, lots of working & getting organised admin wise. I also got back to the gym after taking a month off. Played the organ twice ♫.
There were a few events I can share with you:

Workshop! During half term, I was invited to teach at the Chelsea youth club as part of their week of dance. Thanks to Rob (hillsong/zoonation) for hooking me up. They were enthusiastic and varied different ages, 13 to 18,
I could see it was something new to them within street dance and even the "Walking" exercises (influence from vogue catwalk & Ana Ninja) we did brought a lot of them out of their shells which was awesome! Check out this photo of them! Werk! 

City Waackers LDN jam, we had David Christopher from 'The House of Magnifique' join us and share with us some vogue femme, completely fierce and the group of us there really benefited and had a great evening. Photos to come, but for now here is a picture of David and I in conversation (What were we saying?)! 

Floor Rippers
"Soul Evolution" Part 2!! The dopest soul train jam in town... live band, soul train competition, was another absolute blast. Myself and Adrian (Locking London) partnered again to jam with the crowd. Every few months at FLORIPA, be sure to check it out and join the Facebook page. Shout out to Marie the creator of this. 

COMICON! I went to the Comiccon conference with my brother. Yes I dressed up (had to join in) as a character I didn't know: but my bro suggested. The whole thing was mad, I felt alien to it. It's a huge event at the excel centre with thousands of people dressed up. 
A good experience. I also enjoyed some of the K-POP they presented outside on the grass (it was a sunny day).  Good to see what the fuss was about.

Performance City Waackers London! 
Madame jojos is a weekly night run by D-lo and every few weeks there are usually events/battles/different DJs. As it was bank holiday weekend him and Kashmir paired up to create this event. 7 to smoke (Which means you battle until you beat the most people) and a showcase - the showcase being City Waackers London! 

(Top: Kweku clothing, skirt Camden)
I rehearsed with my fierce dancers twice that week & they really did kill it: proud of them. Jess, Dave, Robin and Damola, all very talented individuals that inspire me. Feedback was all positive. Check out their performance above & also some jokes we caught in soho earlier that eve!

Oh and by fluke i entered the locking prelim and did the 7 to smoke, shout out to Emilie for winning! blam! (hiphop, breakin, popping, locking). 

Coming Up in June!! 

I have almost finished my brain detox with Dr Caroline Leaf.... will share next month about that! 
Look out for: New Kids on The Block
Battles I am judging:

"The Waacking Battle" (T.W)

Floor Rippers 2 on 2 (Live band!!) cash prize £300.

Mum's Birthday events
Fathers day

Teaching at Studio 68 for The Waacktitioners company class! One special with Waackeisha!

July: Singing workshop with J Marie cooper book your places now.

Thanks for reading! 

See you soon, feel free to leave a comment, tweet me @EleanorOfficial and my Facebook page is "Miss Eleanor". 


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