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The month of April was wonderful. My Gran - yiayia turned 84. She is amazing for her age, strong mentally & physically. Said goodbye to my best friends grandad, the service was beautiful, again an inspiring moment because it puts perspective on life. We are here once, therefore, we need to do everything we can do be the best we can & most importantly give back to the world. 

I wrote a blog on my wordpress site entitled "Skin" about the Beyonce posters I have been seeing (Everywhere i look) on billboards..... please check it out


I choreographed some Waacking and got to work with the amazing females of the HillSong church. These girls are amazing, professional and great to work with. The piece had other elements in it and the other parts were choreographed by Kirsty and Tess. 

It was a 4 day event at Wembley Arena, for women only. It was  an incredible, inspiring, difficult and challenging four days. I say "difficult" because of the growth I encountered within! It's always uncomfortable growing but always best. 

I am now on a 21 day brain detox - detoxing toxic thoughts the routes of which affect our behaviours. Dr Caroline Leaf  (who spoke at colour conference) is a Scientist Christian and her talk was mind blowing literally. It's going really well. I feel like I am thinking clearer. I'll let you know once it's done!

So anyway below are some photos and footage from colour 2013!!! And we also performed the opener at The Dominion Theatre at 5 services on the Sunday.



Throwdown was a monthly Thursday event that happened at Plan B Brixton, London and was celebrating it's 10 years as well as finishing! I have battled there twice and showcased now twice there. The floor has seen showcases, battles and jams many a time!

As part of The Waacktitioners, it's an honour to be the first people/crew to bring waacking here and to events and so it made sense when Charlie invited us to do a final showcase! we had fun, 4 of us with Sarah from Awanawaack Italy.  Check it! We also signed the floor and Charlie proposed to his girlfriend and the next day took her to Cyprus - Paphos! So romantic and they met there :)


I was invited to teach at "DanceBox" ViladeCans just outside of Barcelona May Bank holiday weekend! On the Sunday I was invited to judge a (pretty huge) competition. There were over 2,500 dancers and we saw over 150 dance crews! Myself alongside Anthony Lee and Rodney Chonia had a blast together. I found the guys really fun to be around and it was great to get different insight and take both of their workshops. 

We had different categories to judged, Anthony (youtube him he is amazing) judged formations, cleanliness etc, Rodney (also dope) judged musicality etc and of course, I was judging costume, performance etc. We also got to say our view from 1 to 10 of the over all piece. The dancers were inspiring as we had as young as 4 and as old as 70. Thank you for having me dance box you rocked and I hope to see you again.
Dave and Josie work so hard and their efforts are truly remarkable. They make a big difference to the community.

Here are some photos of the weekend! 
I love travelling, meeting new people, learning more and sharing. 

(With the team: above, Barcelona, second photo left to right: Kevin, Josie, Anthony, Me, Dave, Rodney after our workshops. Third photo: Rodney, me, Anthony Sunday morning before the competition.)

Coming Up! 

City Waackers LDN Vogue, waack, lock werk session, Floor Rippers, Comicon conference (anime), New Kidz on the block... watch this space homies.

Thanks for reading - love you mum! lol

Miss Eleanor xxx

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