Saturday, 6 April 2013

MARCH Jump Off, Italy, Singing Masterclass, Hillsong Easter, Waack Date

The Jump OFF baTTLE!

J Marie Cooper entered the singing battle and I must say, her version was sick and when it was performed the room silenced! Always fun playing somewhere new. The team are also fun especially that sound man!! Wishing Akua all the best she's a lovely girl you can see her version on the Jump Off website/page! 

The Following weekend after Move it 2013 (See previous page for update/pics) I went to Italy with Kleio & Ginger of The Waacktitioners was a lot of fun. We saw Sarah Ling & her crew Awanawaack. I made top 8 & Ginger won the whole competition which was awesome. It was great seeing my beautiful friend Melanie (NYC) again & the fierce 1G from Korea. 

Tasted the best pizza, red wine, coffee & pasta I've ever tried! Now I am fussy about these foods! Italy you were GOOD. Below are some videos.

I ALSO WANT TO MENTION: March saw the birthday of one of my close friends RHIMES. *****Birthday Girl***** !!! Had a lot of fun at her birthday. :)

Floor Rippers - Soul Evolution. Soul Train night in Old street was so much fun. It meant the @CityWaackersLDN & @LockingLondon could get involved true 1970s style with a LIVE FUNK BAND AND DOPE VOCALS! Usually when I go to Club "Floripa" it's for Jam Tart open mic night, so it was really cool to be there and just DANCE! 

I was an invited guest alongside Adrian (Locking london), Supermalcom (Prototype) & Clara (InDaHouse). So you had different styles there ready to soul train/freestyle down the train line & get the general public involved! Turned out everyone got down & there was even a soul train competition of which Damola & Sarah Ling won!!! Werk! It was great seeing Tomi from Funkstylers TV there as well. His photos are the images used below. Thanks MARIE! Until next time! 


Waack Date: More info --> Mlle Ginger. I partnered Kieran (FiyahHouse/Konoha) and we had the most fun training together. 

We battled the guests Anna Ninja & Sofiabulous of P*fect crew Sweden (you can imagine going first to them was great fun). You can watch the battle below!! Also Kleio of TW won with Dharms from Plague - WERK! We also took an amazing Vogue/Runway workshop the day after. Anna's class in Paris was one of my favourites. Hers, Dallace in Sweden and Buddah Stretch's in Switzerland will always be the ones abroad I remember loving. 

Followed by WaackDate workshop on the Bank Holiday Monday:

Sadlers Wells J Marie Cooper Singing Masterclass! I was honoured to be a part of the City Academy masterclasses with my best friend J Marie. It was a full on day with singers travelling from all around the UK for the workshop/masterclass. I played the keys while assisting J as she taught breathing/vocal techniques. We then taught 2 songs: Jessie J nobody's perfect & the teams split & interpreted it their way including harmonies/wording/performance. We all then performed Michael Jackson's "Beat It". A teaser is below: 

Hillsong dance team! The Easter performances and rehearsals were AMAZING. The Easter Sunday was a long day, I was up from 6am (the clocks had gone back) & we had rehearsed every night that week except Fri & Sat.... (i still had to train for WD) & we did 5 services/shows. I found myself in tears & overwhelmed by the end because it was such an amazing experience. Although I was covered up in a balaclava, i loved it & the team are amazing.

If you missed it. The full 30 minute show is BELOW:! Being there was something else but you can see some of it. My favourite part is the song "Man Of Sorrows" near the end. Original music from HillSong. (Who were also number 1 in the USA MAIN ALBUM CHART recently). No biggie. 

Coming Up!: You can see us perform with the Hillsong ladies at Wembley for Colour Conference 2013. It's going to be amazing and YES there might be some Werking/waacks up there.

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