Monday, 3 December 2012

My shoot with Claudia JR. "Introducing Miss Eleanor ".

It was a real pleasure working with Claudia. You know when someone oozes talent and charm? Half danish, half turkish and she speaks 6 languages! wow!

All of her concepts and pictures are so captivating, I was first drawn to her work when I saw a friend of mine lying on a horse! Check out this shot of dancer Sean Graham isn't is amazing?

You can view her work HERE:

and her Facebook page HERE:

Anyway, she's certainly amazing to work with and she will get you doing stuff you wouldn't imagine, like in my case, in 0 degree temperatures, running out in a night dress bare foot towards birds!!!!!!!!!!! lol, swim in the lake, ride a horse, maybe even get you to sky dive?....only joking!!!! No seriously, she is brilliant. 

Below are some shots from her. 

This shot is stunning.

We went to the most random place in Kent that looks like a film crew have just dumped all their stuff and left. There are boats, light houses, birds, plantations just conveniently placed around the area.  ENJOY the creations! :)

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