Thursday, 18 October 2012

Classes and Sheffield workshop

I tend to have spurges of constant teaching and then gaps of no teaching. These past few weeks I have covered classes & taught a fair bit and very much loved it. I love teaching Waacking.
Having taught Monday at Dance Station, Tuesday at Pineapple and Wednesday at Studio 68, I can happily say all classes this week have been FIERCE and I am not teaching again for a while.

Below is a class review from Monday

You may have noticed that we have a bit of a penchant for waacking here at dance station so an hour with Miss @EleanorOfficial, recent winner of crazy legs' fresh award, for street styles this week was too-good-of-an-opportunity to pass up.

What's so great about waacking is that no matter how many
hours a week you train, you always get something out of class because each teacher's personality brings something different and each individual in class interprets the moves in a different way (and trust me at DS some of the interpretations are really different ;D). 

Miss Eleanor always brings fierceness and discipline and last night we werked these to bring edge to our posing skills. Although some of us have more difficulty with pulling off fabulous pin-up poses than others, I for example tend to look more like the tin man before Dorothy brings him the oil (awkward angles are hot right?!?!?), everyone pulling their best fierce faces and hitting it together created a great vibe in the studio. Plus you know the ability to come out chilling and then BLAM hit a shape out of nowhere is gonna have some people shook when you freestyle by bringing that extra bit of dynamism to your pick-n-mix.

SHEFFIELD!!! You were fierce thank you, here is a pic:

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