Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BBOY Champs Fresh Awards Winner 2012/13 !!!

I have copied and pasted a review of the fresh awards written by Carly Banks from @DanceStationTW9 :

"One of the more bizarre (surreal, utterly bonkers, disgustingly shallow - take your pick) events of the weekend is 

Crazy legs' "Fresh Award." 

Basically this involves members of the audience going up on stage and consenting to their 'look' being torn to shreds (or potentially in hip hop speak 'cussed to chunks') by the audience and crazy legs himself. And whilst I cannot ever fully condone an event that incorporates a "thong check" (in my opinion Bridget Jones has the right idea) it was a bit of a welcome light-hearted relief from the nail-baiting drama. PLUS this year Miss Eleanor (@EleanorOfficial) fellow crew member of DS residents @KleioBows and @MlleGinger only went and won it! Man oh man can that girl WERK, if only I could bottle some of that confidence and sell it I'd be a millionaire! "

The whole weekend of the BBOY  Champs was AMAZING. I am so tired having been teaching, studio-ing, gyming all week (not complaining) then supporting team UK & friends competing at the champs.

Congrats to Brooke (UK) and Soul Mavericks (UK) for making the finals at the event and to everyone who participated.

I got to see my dear friend Buddah Stretch (one of the the hip hop judges) and his workshop on the Monday was so inspiring, as always. Above is a snippet of the dance i got to do :).
Peace XX

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