Tuesday, 14 August 2012


A few weeks a go I did "Step Ya Game Up" - an international competition in New York City (Bronx) involving styles: Popping, Locking, Top Rock, Hip Hop, House and the style I do: WAACKING.

This would be my 5th international competition. When you battle abroad, there is always a concern about getting past the prelims and making top 8 as people around the world are amazing. 

The Saturday was the pre-lim day, it was SO boiling and in a hall called Casita Maria in The Bronx. I loved the experience, there were hundreds of Waackers, all very high level.
I found out the next morning I made top 16! I battled the next day, shattered, and zebra-fied, bare foot.
My out fit representing being grounded, animalistic so I chose not to wear heels this time!

I got past the quarters and made semi-finals final 8! I am very proud that I did this. I have made top 8 in all five international battles I have competed in. I would like to win a battle abroad one day. I look at Jessica Ennis and think, this can happen, patience, training, dedication and time.

Below are some pictures, thanks for reading.

Me, Buddah Stretch (Elite Force, creator of SYGU, he really took care of me/us all), Dallace Zeigler (Judge, friend, mentor).
Junko (winner of Rep Your styles battle that I did a few weeks before who killed it, Cailin from Asia who I battled at Rep Your Style, Me and Sabina from Czech! WERK) Shout out to the NY THROWDOWN team and Yannick with his Jamaican accent!!!! ;-)

Come and find out what I learned from these amazing people and experience at class and/or in the clubs and/or ask me xxx

Here's a taster : soon as my footage is up I'll share it

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