Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I received this today, made me very happy.

Dear Miss Eleanor,

Hi there my name is Josh i'm also a teacher. I've been to a few of you classes at studio 68 and loved them and I just wanted to share something a student of mine showed me recently.

As part of their end of year exams they were asked to write an essay about a person that inspires them.

My Student Rowena wrote about you.

After seeing videos on YouTube she threw herself into waacking loving every moment of it, and in her essay she explain how thanks to you she has found passion, she has found drive and she has found someone to look up to.
She says that finding waacking has given her an outlet where she can be free and herself.

So I just wanted to say thank you from me, to have a child really wanting to learn and hungry for more is the most wonderful thing for a teacher to see, and it makes my job that so much more enjoyable and exciting so thank you for that gift.

Keep doing what you're doing and inspiring kids all over.

Much love, Josh x

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