Thursday, 17 May 2012

** Music & Waack Updates May 2012**

Hello! Updates fellow Bloggers/readers!

Recently performed at a few venues: 2 gigs with Jake and his band, Ronnie Scotts with J Marie Cooper, recently finished writing a new song with artist: Farrah, (you can hear it upstairs at Roo's jam Tuesday 29th May)!

In the world of Waack!!! Been very fortunate to perform as the Waacker in Little Boots' new video which has a very "Paris is Burning" feel to it and also on location with Redlight and their new track featuring BabySol (Which was the most FUN shoot ever on location in the middle of nowhere).
Jammed at Breakin Convention with the girls of TW and I've also really enjoyed teaching at Pineapple while Venus is away, new students excite me.

It's been AWESOME meeting all these wonderful, talented new people recently. You can view snap shots of some of the projects above!

Miss Els xxx

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