Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hi Bloggers,

Sorry I haven't written on here in a few weeks! it's been quite busy these days, full days and evenings and then by the time I get home I crash! I even OVERSLEPT the other day :-I.... moving on!

So I recently performed with my crew The Waacktitioners at Move It and Serious About Street Dance. Both went really well and I cannot wait to share footage with you. Cheeky snap shot:

Ultimate Disco, Funk and erm...SPICE GIRLS soundtrack mixed by the amazing Frazer. 

This section from the walks is my latest choreography enjoy!!! Full vid coming xxx

I also went to Germany last week with Tyson who is SO fierce you must check him out! We performed for Germany's popular "Tape TV" and in the evening a Universal show supporting Example. It was great. 

The wall is very inspiring. The thing I didn't like was the smoking!! My eyes constantly watered! It's one of the few places in Europe where you can still smoke indoors.

Thing's coming up!!!: Bit more travelling, gigs and shows will keep you posted.

Enjoyed playing the organ this morning, the church was FULL for mothers day :-)

Have a good day thanks for reading. I'm teaching COMPANY CLASS on Wednesday !!! 8-9.30PM for more info visit: HERE

Miss Eleanor xxxxx

ps American Apparel might want to sponsor us/me??? :)

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