Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Happy new year everyone! Sorry I've been away from this over the festive period it has been a lovely few weeks.

So the pantomime I choreographed "Cinderella" has received AMAZING reviews. Below are links to some.

"...everything from the acting to the choreography felt young, multi cultural and fresh".


Photos above: The Metro (left) The Times CRITICS CHOICE (right).

Read all about it!! Wonderful reviews including a 5***** and Critics choice. My choreography was said to have been "Bizarre". The team were amazing to work with.

Every single actor worked extremely hard & proved to be fantastic. Both directors: Matthew Xia and Kerry Michael alongside writers Trish Cooke and Robert Hyman created a true masterpiece. I am pleased to have been a part of such a sick production! WERK!

Alongside this, I have been back to work, and have been training. Getting fully back next week. Below are some photos of my holiday recently. 


(Top left: Madam jojos with Steph, Cesa & Norman. Top right: Cupcakes I've been making.
Middle left: At Link (Elite force) workshop with Turbo & Kieron. Middle right: Cinderella Press night with Cinderella actress Ayesha Antoine.
Bottom left: New years eve with J Marie Cooper. Bottom right: Press night Cinderella with Andrew Greer & Liana.)

Much Love and keeping you updated!

Miss Eleanor xx

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