Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Street Talent - Funkin Stylez UK 2011

It was the First Funkin Stylez Qualifiers to be brought to the UK, and probably the biggest battle for us Waackers in the UK and some other styles in the UK and I'm pleased to announce that I WON Waacking ... You can see the videos below!

The weekend was tiring, intense but inspiring. Shout out to Mlle Ginger, The Waacktitioners, First timers, and all the other Waackers and dancers and judges Lady Venus, Ricardo.


Locking: Diva J
House: Karim
Popping: Brooke
Crew: UMA

Street Talent:

Waacking: Miss Eleanor
Breaking: BBoy Big Ben
Krump: Toby Jackman
Dancehall: Sarah

Photos courtesy of BigWanPro:
Sunday final 8:

Footage can be seen here:




Bring on next year xxxx

 PRE LIMS FROM SATURDAY of which 8 were chosen for Sunday's Battle:

Thanks for reading xx

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