Friday, 26 August 2011

Behind the Lyrics: 1Take.TV: J Marie & Eleanor "CHEWINGGUM"

The first and previous song J Marie and I wrote was called "Warrior Woman" and the stories we have heard of how that song has touched people have been very inspiring.

The latest song we wrote is called "Chewinggum"

What's behind it?

A friend once told me to think about "Chewinggum" as a motto for thinking before you speak. If you chew on something you think about it! Hence the poetic lyrics:

All the flavours (colours of the rainbow) etc.

"the other day he called me babe and I said far to mu mu much" <-- a sense of stuttering
"I fa fa fed her all my secrets" and the idea of being "paranoid".

There is a lot to learn from a fun "bubble gum esque" pop tune (I usually can't stand bubblegum songs hence the irony). Deeper lyrics with a bubblegum feel.

Shout out to 1take TV Jonah and Elliot and Soho Recording Studios for the goods.

I wonder what song will come out next.

Eleanor xxx

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