Thursday, 7 April 2011

Waacking Weekend Teaching in Wales!

Miss Eleanor, Bailey-Rae, Paris of The Waacktitioners & Corina Best of The Spread Love Dance Project set off to Danni Dee School of Dance and friends to Swansea Wales to teach for 2 full solid days "WAACKING".

We taught musicality, drills, travelling, flicks, grabs, posing posing posing! Day 2 was choreography for their show.

The feedback was inspiring and a lot of the people gave great feedback:

"I attended the Saturday advanced technique workshop in Swansea and absolutely loved it! I've been dancing for 27 years but trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and run a school in Swansea. I'm a big fan of Locking, House dance and Waacking...your workshop & tuition was very inspiring to me and I wanted to say thank you! Hope you guys can come to Swansea again some time"

"I took an advanced technique workshop which a few of you guys were teaching at in Swansea yesterday, with Eleanor teaching most it. I'd just like to say that you have really inspired me, to the extent that I've done a ton of waacking research and freestyling today. Thank you for the workshop, thoroughly enjoyed it!"
"It was SICK"
Here are some photos and video footage of the weekend:

Big Love The Waacktitioners


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