Tuesday, 8 March 2011

De Ja Vu presents the Solos- Miss Eleanor Waacking

Had a great show. Loved all of the solos and performances. I stayed true to the art form that is Waacking. 

This was read about me before I came on stage...(Footage coming soon)...

"Eleanor Also known as Miss Eleanor is part of the Waacktitioners which were the first and are the leading waacking crew in the UK since 2009.
She has Trained with Tyrone Proctor, Princess Lockeroo, Alyssa & Archie Burnett in New York & in London. As well as being a dancer, She is a classically trained pianist, songwriter and musician. She has a passion for disco music & Funk which is why learning Waacking was a perfect option. The piece tonight is a reflection of what Waacking is; Disco Music, grace, musicality, & interpretation"

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