Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tyrone Proctor in London

Soul Train dancer, from Philly USA, currently living in New York City came to London for a week this week. Tyrone Proctor. iHow Father and creator. 

His presence humbled EVERY SINGLE waacking dancer in London/UK. As with any art there can be some arrogance and high horses amongst communities, that's noones fault but our own. We like to jump ahead and think we know it all when in actual fact we are ALL STILL LEARNING !!


I love his MUSIC AND WAACKING KNOWLEDGE. Particularly with Disco Music. As a Music obSESSOR he never fails to inspire me. He changed my views in New York & He's inspired me even more in London because I can see how much of a positive impact he has had on the SCENE.

I have learned how to truly understand certain music styles. in DEPTH!! BUT even more, now this has to be and will be applied.

I also really enjoyed battling Watch me here :

First Round


Nothing in life is going to be fair, some said I should have got through to the finals, some said the decision was fair. Either way it is all OPINION and I am happy training, growing with my homies, alone and helping the scene flourish by sharing with everyone. Shout out to everyone who participated!! It was  fun night particularly my girl Mademoiselle Ginger who in my opinion SHUT the final down.

As with any art I do, I'm looking forward to peaking in it.

Tyrone Proctor came & INSPIRED and he is a G!!!!!

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