Friday, 31 December 2010


My personal favourites for 2010 are CLEAR

Jessie J
Janelle Monae

The Year has been amazing for artists in the UK. Jessie seen her GROW as an artist from her first gig in a while last september 2009 to NOW killing it. Labrinth, I am a huge supporter of him such a raw talent and Janelle is incredible with her message, lyrics and performances. 

I've also loved Ed Sheeran, Ebru, Ella Chi, Ellie Goulding, it was a year for the "E's" :-)

There are many more, the likes of Wretch, Cherri V, Talay Riley, Loick Essien, Encore the female take over loads of artists in the scene up and rising.

Favourite writer Claude Kelly and Bruno Mars and look forward to more from them in 2011.

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