Friday, 31 December 2010

2010... 2011 Wish List....

How did you find 2010 went for you? What did you achieve.

When I think back to 2010, it was a real learning curb for me. I still was wavering, unsure, wanted to keep my hands in different pies (the main 2 being dance & music) but also a bit of this and that.

It was too much.

The beginning of the year I was touring the UK as a backing dancer with an artist known as Rodriggo Moratto. AS WELL as this, I would play weekly (6am) at the Hilton Hotel the piano for the breakfast guests and THEN I also worked weekends the opposite end of London at my retail job HMV.

I was exhausted, no sense of direction, had fun, but was just saving money for something. Did the odd waacking battle jam (my WAACKTITIONER ladies got me through I thank them). Did odd job for agent.

Middle of summer, thing's picked up. Did a few shows, one fashion show in particular that I got to choreograph for with my dance company I'm with "The Waacktitioners" which was fun.

I got involved in other projects, club performances & choreographed and featured in Mystery Jets and Cherri V vids & some internet Virals. It was fun.

I also Joined Mike Houghs band, had A LOT of HOT summer days and fun in the garden with those guys, pimms and piano!! And we got to play at the Indigo 02 for Mike's showcase of 2010. 

All this time by the way I had singing lessons, my NODULES finally are clearing & I'm getting my range back (thank God).

During that time I decided enough was enough, I knew I was singing, I knew I could write based on all the poetry I'd written from a child and I could play piano, Melodies come natural SO I STARTED SONG WRITING.

from there did a few collabs, youtube vids. Got involved in some sessions with diff people.

THEN got up & went to New York City. Everytime I leave the UK I feel like I learn a LOT. Did more writing out there and found my dance character for waacking "MISS ELEANOR". Met family, spent time with my best friend who was there modelling, realised it was MUSIC FOREVER.

Came back. Wavered, pondered. Went to a songwriters event held by the amazing BASCA. It was there I showcased a song & made some contacts. Got some collabs off of that, met other writers, chatted, listened. 

Got a job as assistant manager and assistant engineer at the amazing Soho Recording Studios.

Now this is it.

** 2011 for me **



are my MAIN objectives.

Waacktitioner show (2)
More fitness in GYM&body
Jam/freestyle/house dance

I would like to find a Manager end of 2011.
Maybe aim for  Pulishing Deal this will come soon.
Maybe start performing end of year if I am ready & feel ready.



I also want to listen more, meet NEW people, learn to say no.
It's also a big year for my family.
I pray for God's guidance all the way for me and for YOU reading this. The world is your oyster. AIM. FOCUS and GO GET EM.

Happy New Year 2011 :-) 

xxxxxx Els xxxxxxx

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