Saturday, 6 November 2010

Bonfire Night of... "hell" !!!!!?????

Phoenix and I thought we were doing a nice promo job down in Brighton for the fireworks. Turns out we were "CROWD CONTROL" for the town of LEWES ..... the BIGGEST BONFIRE NIGHT IN THE UK (they are actually NUTS) and had to watch 80.000 that they didn't get in the way of the processions or fire. 

So, yes, got choked with smoke, squashed with people, eyes stinging, lungs filling.... FIRE WORKS on the street.... LESS than 2 feet a way from me (is this not illegal!!!!!!!)

Someone in the team had to go to the paramedics their leg got injured.... I was petrified!!!! It was not funny AT ALL!!! 

I thought I was on the set of Rihanna "Run this town" or "Witches" or some actual horror movie. I did not understand why they were procession-ing with burning crosses, skulls etc. They even had a MASSIVE blown up "David Cameron" (UK PRIMINISTER) on big ben holding "puppets" and as he went passed all the people "booed" and some were yelling nasty things like "burn him" :////// I WANTED TO LEAVE THE TOWN IMMEDIATELY LOL.

Turns out the town of "Lewes" has a lot of history. You know why we celebrate "Guy Fawkes" Bonfire night on the 5th Nov???

Guy Fawkes a long with 17 others (ALL FROM THE TOWN OF LEWES) tried to blow up Parliament in London  and apparently all those years a go the government at the time took all of the 17 people including Mr Guy Fawkes and burned them in the town of Lewes for all the town to see.

Every year SINCE then they gather 80 000 (insane number) and march. They have "Klans" of 7. Different societies. The government tried to stop them from doing this each year so that's why they formed the "klans". Like I said i felt like I was in a war zone. The noise was louder than any gig i've ever been too!! 

Once I found out the history I understood but we still really wanted to leave. It was definitely an experience. But after 7/8hours of boiling and roasting and choking by the fires we decided to have fun and dance. Check the vid!!!!!!!!!! ;p. 

Bonfire Night & Waacking. from Eleanor Peters-Savva on Vimeo.

All i'm saying is... the thing's we do for our art. 
I couldn't make "Funk Off" or "The Bang Bang" Brixton. I was too busy doing this :/

If I wrote a song in this it would be called "never again ever ever"

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