Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Best Of Wired - UK Music

Once a month, in Shoreditch, London, Kate Bond & Michael Duke host the night "Wired" bringing together a lot friends, acquaintances, showcases and A LOT OF TALENT!!

Last night was the last one of the year.  

Miss ELLA-CHI was no exception as being one of the highlights performing, with ms Chloé doing her BVs.  Ella raises the ROOF. Charisma, charm and VOCAL SICKNESS.



You also had ED SHEERAN who, was incredible. He makes real music, in the sense that there is a STORY, great lyrics, at times simple at times complex & instruments LIVE! I loved the way he made sounds through the D.I. box & like a one man band. 
Please check him out it speaks for itself. He had me in tears nearly when he sung a Bob Dylan original with no mics and silenced the entire room.


<-- had to do this pic for you DUKE.

Next one is in February where hopefully you will get to hear the lovely @J_Marie Cooper 
J_MarieCooper "WARRIOR WOMAN" Live. As you can see she is chuffed:

and so is @pixiephee Phoenix Martins

The boys are even happier as they show their shoulders:


I might share some more music with you soon. It's been a crazy few days demo-ing and pulling myself together. Today the lovely Dominique recorded a track for me and I thank her for that!!! I tell you something being an engineer TAKES PRACTISE!!!

            I have been writing and composing a lot..... time to demo.I have been to some INCREDIBLE gigs lately, it takes a lot of time to blog, look up the artists and tweet/write about them all. But I will do what I can to share REAL music.

            ESPECIALLY last week. I will do some more research and blog on those people so we can SUPPORT the real talent and hard working INDEPENDENT artists out there.


** I  have my TUMBLR account so please join me on there too!!!! ** (the site is amazing for photos and videos)

And for the REST OF THE WIRED PICS!!! look HERE  if they're not up yet they are being put up now.

Love Eleanor xxxx

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