Sunday, 10 October 2010

RICO LOVE Music, Where, Who??????

I enjoyed this video :




In New York City subway stations and open mics .....They are RAW AMAZING.

Being YOURSELF in this industry is important.

Studying the GREATS in your art is IMPORTANT.

I want to and I am song writing... so i study and train in jazz piano, blues, classical, i look at the past and present.

I want to incorporate waacking into my art. So what do I do? I train and seek out the teachers.

WHENEVER I SONG WRITE..... no one can say anything because when it comes from the heart it's art that cannot be measured.

I (personal opinion not a matter of fact) think a lot of the chart music (96%) is wack, bubble gum and has no substance. People are writing and doing what "Sells" and the irony is it's not even selling (so i've read/heard).

What happened to the real music?

I was in a store today with Rose and Anwar and I heard about 4 songs in a row on the american radio play list and I actually wanted to vomit. Kesha was one, some other nonsense I can't even remember but I thought to myself how the greats of the past like Miles Davis, Chopin would be turning in their graves at the gross music today.


It's time for it to change. Starting slowly. With US.

Make music with substance, purpose, study your craft and let us not write/produce/make crap.

Music is beautiful and it influences the minds of many. If the lyrics can be related to then the song is a good, if the lyrics make people think twice then the song is even better.

Don't get me wrong there are some artists (Janelle Monae, Melanie Fiona) and all the UN HEARD TALENT OUT THERE!!!!! Gospel, etc who are serious.

This is my opinion.

Please study your art. I am learning.

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