Tuesday, 5 October 2010

House of the Lord Church, Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue, 2PAC

It was Tupacs first church he went to when he was 11years old. The reverand has written a book called "Dear 2 pac Letters to a son" You can buy it on the church website which I posted below. 

The reverand is actually a very well known respected reverand called Herbert D. Daughtery. I didn't realise he was up there in terms of recognition within the States as Rev. Al Sharpton (who spoke at Michael Jackson's memorial last year in the Staples Center). 

He does amazing works for God and for the black community. Always organising positive marches for the black people. 

The church website is here:


They have some concerts coming up.

 It's funny how the american gospel churches in poor areas have THE MOST PASSION for God you've ever seen. Every gospel church i've been in so far has been the highlight.

The above photo was a gift to the reverand from Pac himself.

I will be posting photos/footage of the choir next week.


But i must also add that "La Gree" baptist church in Harlem is also amazing. 

Below is a photo of me and the lead choir singer (she's been there for 30 years!!)

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