Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Once a year, the Kinetic Jungleist movement puts on a show.

and WOW, was it a show.  THINKING OUT OF THE BOX. Creative, beautiful art.

The website is here please read it for more info and if you are EVER in New York around this time of year it is a MUST:




This video doesn't do him justice, live he was phenominal, he spoke poetry while showing the movements through his body. AMAZING. If he is ever in you're town, i recommend booking him/seeing him his name is Kazum Glen Moromura.

The other hightlight was by Amy Secada (see her photo below)

if there is ANYONE who could think more out of the box it would be her. Her piece was RIDICULOUS!!!! It was futuristic, yet a combined nature and what nature goes through.

They used mainly contemporary, lots of breaths, some spoken words, amazing music, some elements of capoeira, breakin. It was very grounded and the costumes (made also by the choreographer) were phenomenal they looked to me like animals! there was 8 of them and the shapes they made were stunning.

Then there was Princess Lockeroo, HDI waacking champ 2010 paired up with Creative artist Akeem and they did an urban opera which was SO fun to watch and really inspiring.

The last act was Sabar which is an african dance to live drums i'd never seen before and it was ridiculous . another inspiring piece, everyone went crazy!!

The whole event was positive and about moving forward.

Enjoy the pics. I would love to see UK put on a show like this!!!


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