Sunday, 1 August 2010

Waacktitioners @ Live Vibe Elements and SWAG info

My Crew worked our asses off for this performance above. As you can see the 4 spoltlights, I am the first one which represents water. I also got to do a waacking contemporary solo thanks to Supple in one of the sections. I am proud of us for pulling this together. So many plans for the Waacktitioners coming up it's good news, including our FIRST OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY in October!

So the week before I was asked by D-lo (major club promotor in London) to host the "Swagger battle" for "what you got" a new event! To be honest at first I was reluctant but then realised it's all fun and so was happy to. It was certainly a first along with Jodie Simone, Sweetboy Jones and Justyn Sockz. I wish there was a group photo of us but it'll do:

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