Sunday, 1 August 2010

Brandy - Tomorrow + Lyrics

I'm learning this Brandy song on the Keys for a session I have coming up soon. What do you think of this song? i like it actually. I'm only used to her newer stuff, this is 1998 OLD SCHOOL TING U KNOW! lol. She sounds SOOO DIFFERENT!! Young.

I am in the process of arranging to play the piano in the mental health ward in a hospital, I will let you know more details. I believe this gifts God gives us should be used for the benefit of others and I just KNOW the people in there would appreciate it in their own ways.

They are such characters!!!!! honestly!!!

All week I've been promoting TFL'S cycle for London. It's been quite fun, it's definitely a good cause.
I met some really interesting people and I actually love the public. When I say I LOVE LONDON. I mean it. We have the most diverse population and amazing culture and array of people ever.

Tonight is the UK's first EVER Waacking and Vogue Jam. They happen weekly/daily in places such as NYC where Vogue balls started. The History of Vogue is soooo  interesting and I recommend you watch "PARIS IS BURNING" On youtube.

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