Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A bag full of talent, A bag full of skill -dedicated to a friend

A bag full of talent

A bag full of skill

his rhymes are ill
his beats are surreal
but all this talent that he has been blessed by
can cause confusion mixed feelings major lows and highs
but remember to focus on the main thing in life
to be happy in what you do and OUTCOME of the strife
to grow and to learn to pray and to understand
that God has his plans and he is a conductor of a world band
but not to be fooled for we have free will
we decide our destiny until
confusion is erupted and the evil one clouds our minds
makes us feel weak & worthless, around in circles that don't coincide.

Our conscious and our guts keep us focused on the light
like a child playing in the wind with a soaring kite
may you float away from the burdens and hit the ground so hard
to wake you from this bad time and make you shout "OH LAWD"
once this door closes the other one is gonna open,

so that one day you can look at your haters, smile and show them
its preping as i write tonight to take you on a flight
like you've never been on before
you have to plan your route and then you can roar
like the lion that you are
your talents will take you far
so focus on your heart
allow money, arguments busy times for a start
they are superficial tings 

that don't mean anything

imagine a cave you naked in there
you have your life your pen the world to enjoy at and glare
pick yourself up and understand
that God made you gifted with his own hands
and you will find the path
its written on the cards
you play the game
the stars already spelling out your name

Eleanor Grace.

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