Friday, 25 August 2017

Czech Republic - Prague Visit

Had a lovely few days away in Prague! Check out the photos! They were done by a friend of mine called Miss Bibi Make Up Check out her page! For more photos of this shoot you can click Here. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Reggie Dabbs & iCare Academy

"Alright Alright Alright!!!"

On Friday 14th July, I organised a whole school assembly where Reggie Dabbs came in as a guest motivational speaker alongside icare academy . Reggie is an American noted by NBC as "the world's best young persons speaker". I have to thank Rachel Landon for supporting my idea and Aimee Lyall (assistant head and head). 

Students were in tears and laughing. There were professional dancers and a team of interns who help to set up the charity. Their thoughts were provoked as they reflect on their journeys, lives and their futures. It was truly remarkable to see the talented Reggie sharing his story and playing on the soprano saxophone! He is a remarkable musician. He had everyone clapping, laughing, crying and singing. If you want to book them for your school, contact 

Photo from icarerevolution 

Radley College MiSST

It has been an incredible experience this week at Radley College in Oxfordshire working with MIIST (Music In Secondary Schools Trust)

Music students and teachers were there from Highbury Grove school, Holloway, St Mary Mags, Fred Burmer, Lister Community school and South Londons SedgeHill. 

Students completed half a years worth of hours over 4 days playing & learning music repertoire. Our students also won the dance comp and musician of the week. It was enjoyable meeting new people & working in challenging circumstances. Students overcame doubt & learned very Hard pieces by Elgar, Beethoven and Michael Jackson. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Talent WINNERS & Singing Assembly - MISST- Andrew Lloyd Webber

As part of the Music In Secondary Schools Trust, each year group in Key Stage 3 completes an orchestral assembly and a singing assembly. 
I really enjoyed leading our year 9s today as part of the programme. The department I work in are so supportive. 

I have been working with some dancers from all years and one of our teachers in a dance group and we entered and WON!!!! To watch the video click HERE

Thursday, 13 April 2017

ISRAEL, life changing trip.

Hi Friends, thanks for subscribing to my youtube channel, I was saying how shocked but cool it is that there are over 1,000000 views on some of the videos I’ve featured in. I would love for that to be a solo project one day. Subscribe
Shalom, Mashlom Ha? Beseder! I just got back from Israel and on the trip I did a tour of the HOLY Land as we are approaching Passover and Easter. Walking the Via De la Rosa where Jesus carried his cross, recorded in all history, being at the sea of Galilee where Peter reportedly walked on water and then sank because he doubted and seeing the temple where Moses sacrificed (or was about to) his son blew my mind. We bathed and baptised in the River Jordan, stayed in a Kibbutz on the Syrian border where we had an amazing shabbat, Bet Shein, saw the Temple of King David and more. We saw the room of the famous 'Last Supper' and the sermon on the mount.
Some of the holy sites have become a source of income for non believers and believers. I found the church in Bethlehem which is in Palestine profoundly beautiful but insanely busy and people were pushing and shoving for selfies of the birth place of Jesus. I had to stand back for a minute and breathe..... what would Jesus be thinking right now?!
I made some friends from all around the world and I was so thankful to have my mum on the tour with me. Turning 30 was the perfect opportunity for me to go on this trip as it's somewhere I have dreamed of visiting. I recommend it, if you are a historian, lover of art, exploring your faith or religious, this trip is perfect. It's also an hour from Cyprus which I go to a lot!
So as I return to work, completely transformed and in awe, I will remember that life is bigger than we are, that God is faithful and answers prayers.
Whatever you want in life, it really is yours if you truly believe it. I wish you every success, thanks for reading this and have a very Happy Easter.

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Birthday... the BIG 3....0......


I celebrated the best birthday with a party ever. Feeling loved and reflecting on the years is so important to taking on the next decade and hurdle!!! By God's grace I have accomplished so many amazing things in my 20s and life both around the world and in London and worked with some phenomenal people and talent. I am truly thankful for my family and friends.  

At work we are currently completing the musical "Les Miserables" (Andrew Lloyd Webber) and I have begun a new dance club for dis-engaged students that is proving very successful. 

Celebrating life is so important. Good food, family, friends and fun. Make sure you take time to enjoy your birthday!

Ms Eleanor xx